Boxchain: Supporting agility and innovation

Boxchain is Different.

The way we conduct business is evolving. Development in technologies such as IoT, Nano Technology, Blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning has accelerated at pace in recent years, and as their respective costs fall we are seeing dramatic increases in adoption. It is clear that digital technology and “4th industrial revolution” thinking will continue to influence operations and strategy, proving a key business enabler. However, across industries, a key obstacle to reaping the benefits of these technologies is the ability of legacy systems and architecture to cope with their requirements.

Advancements in Cloud, analytics and mobile have driven collaboration between departments and businesses. A rise in edge computing and availability of sensors and IoT devices is starting to drive a sharp increase in streams of data and our ability to analyse. More recently industry is looking at these innovations together rather than in isolation and seeing transformational capacity; this is driving automation across the process-landscape with real-time data, algorithms and machine learning driving AI to human levels of creativity.

Companies need to adopt an agile approach to incorporating the latest and greatest in technical and process-based innovation, alongside the systems environment to match. This is where Boxchain comes in. Our team have led some of the most complex systems implementations, largescale transformations that ran across many years and, whilst offering significant improvements, were designed to meet a need; not to support continual evolution.

Boxchain is different. Our platform is specifically designed to flex, to integrate seamlessly with any system or data source, and to handle high volumes and diverse streams of data. It allows direct referencing of data in the original format and withdraws the need to map or transform information, reducing the time needed to integrate systems and enabling real-time messaging across systems. What this really means for our customers is the ability to visualise and control operations in a central system, to see state changes in real-time through captured or sensed data, with GUI screens and easily-configured dashboards.

Boxchain leverages a microservices architecture. Enabling solutions to be built, deployed and managed separately to meet new challenges or align with new opportunities. To fulfil our mission of enabling our customers to be self sufficient, we incorporated an integrated development environment with intuitive interfaces and a low-code methodology to streamline the development of solutions, by our customers, on the Boxchain platform.

With Gartner predicting 20 billion devices to be connected by 2020, significant interest and investment in robotics, adoption of Enterprise AI methodologies, 50% spike in recruitment for data scientists with more on the horizon, companies stand to be disrupted if they cannot respond to change. Those who start down the path will gain a competitive advantage through visibility, control, connectivity, and automation. Boxchain enables flexibility in approach and scalability in design. There will be learning curves , differing by sector, company and approach, we can ensure your ability to think big, start small and scale fast which are all key success factors.